Helicopter Flights Around The Rock

The Government is pleased to announce that FONNAFLY, a Norwegian Helicopter Company, will be offering sightseeing flights around the Rock from 1 May 2019. The inclusion of such a service has been a...

21 Jan 2019

New Airport Fire and Rescue Service Vehicles

The Airport Fire and Rescue Service was formed in October 2015, becoming a Government entity. The Government and the MoD agreed at the time to co-finance the fire vehicle and equipment replacement...

31 Aug 2018

RAF 100

This year the RAF is celebrating its first centenary.The links between Gibraltar and the RAF have grown strong over the last hundred years, and Gibraltar Airport has shown it is a perfect example...

13 Jun 2018

'FOD Plod' at Gibraltar Airport

Staff from the Air Terminal took part in a ‘FOD Plod’ on the aircraft stands adjacent to the Air Terminal this morning (12 June).Although the stands are cleaned every day and inspected...

12 Jun 2018