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Special Assistance

All the staff at Gibraltar Airport wish to make everyone's journey enjoyable through the terminal and for those passengers who require special assistance, we have a dedicated team in place to ensure this.

What You Need To Do

It is always best to pre-book assistance with the airline you are travelling with at the time you make the booking or up to 48 hours prior to travelling.  If you booked through a travel agent then you can also do this through them.

To make your journey even smoother, you should also tell your airline or travel agent if you intend to take your own mobility aid such as wheelchair or scooter with you.

Gibair Handling, who are appointed by Gibraltar Airport to look after passengers who require special assistance will receive your details from the airline or travel agent and will be waiting for you to provide the help you have requested.

For further information on Special Assistance please call (+350) 200 12232

If you are unable to pre-book assistance or forget, we are still here and will do our best to help.

Airline Contact Information

If you did not book special assistance at the time of booking then please click on the airline that you are travelling with.

Familiarisation Visits before you Travel

Here at Gibraltar Airport we understand that many families that have a child or family member with autism or any other disability do not consider travelling abroad by air because of concerns about the journey and the processes and environments involved in the journey.  All these situations we understand can be stressful.

For those families who may consider it useful, or are thinking about future travel by air, Gibraltar Airport welcomes pre-planned familiarisation visits which will enable them to experience first-hand the airport environment and the processes that they will experience when they travel, such as check-in, security and boarding.  We already have previous experience of such visits and they have all had a successful outcome and are very well received.

If you think this may be of use to you, then please contact the airport information desk on (+350) 200 12345 or email us at