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The CCTV system will be operated fairly, within the law, and only for the purpose for which it was established or which are subsequently agreed in accordance with the GATL CCTV Code of Practice.

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority has been notified of the purpose of the use of CCTV which is as follows:

Operational Purposes

Monitoring of all airport operations.  This includes all the organisations who work at the airport including but not limited to, GATL, BCA, Gibair, AFRS and ISGL.

Traffic flow and management. Left or abandoned vehicles in the Underpass.

Air Traffic, vehicular, equipment, personnel and passengers movement on the ramp, taxiways etc., with particular attention at protecting the Air Terminal Critical Part boundary.

Quality standards management. Queue management.

Airport (GATL & BCA) and Government (Director of Civil Aviation/Civil Aviation Security Regulator) regulatory compliance and monitoring.

Dealing with emergencies, contingencies or any other incident with a potential to cause injury to persons or damage to property in or around the Air Terminal.

Safety Purposes

Public safety. Employee safety.

Protection of staff and passengers from assault.

To protect staff from allegations of assault or improper behaviour.

Security Purposes

Passenger movement.

Enforcement of EU security regulations. Vehicular / equipment movement.

Law Enforcement Purposes

Immigration, Customs and Police. Prevention and detection of crime.

Apprehension and prosecution of offenders. Evidential / court proceedings.

The list of operators and functions are:

Airport and Government regulatory compliance and monitoring.

  1. Gibraltar Airport Terminal Ltd – Operational Purposes, Safety and Security.
  2. Borders & Coastguard Agency – Security and Immigration
  3. OSG – Security
  4. HM Customs – Law Enforcement
  5. Royal Gibraltar Police – Law Enforcement
  6. Airport Fire and Rescue Service – Safety and Emergencies
  7. Civil Contingencies Department – Emergencies
  8. HMGoG ITLD – System maintenance.

Images may be shared with any of the above organisations.

The key personnel and contact points are as follows:

  1. System Owner – GATL Mr Terence Lopez, Air Terminal Director
  2. System Manager – GATL Mr Paul Danino, Facilities Manager
  3. System Operator – Borders and Coastguards Agency

For further information please contact the Airport Information Desk on Tel. No. +350 200 12345