Tangier & Casablanca


One of the most evocative places in Morocco, the name Tangier immediately conjures up images of an exotic city – bright white buildings under a hot sun blazing down from a clear blue sky, the gateway to this much loved kingdom. Its proximity to Spain makes it an ideal place to enter Morocco, a great launch pad from which to explore more of the country. Tangier has inspired people for generations with its offering of fascinating history, beautiful scenery and eclectic mix of people. Whether you want to spend time on the lovely beaches, take a mint tea in one of the cafés where Burroughs and Matisse used to sit, or explore the old quarter, Tangier is a place where you should spend time, rather than just rush through.


Casablanca is probably Morocco’s most famous city, only rivalled by Marrakech, but you can put all black and white thoughts of Bogart and Bergman aside; this is a living, breathing city that will draw you to its heart. It’s a cosmopolitan place packed with art galleries, fine restaurants, top fashion designers and cutting edge nightlife. At the same time it’s full of striking architecture such as the Hassan II mosque and the Mahkama du Pacha. You can spend time and money in the old medina or the giant shopping mall that’s the largest in Africa. Casablanca is a cultural melting pot, a progressive city that welcomes visitors with open arms.

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Text from www.muchmorocco.com