Language: The official language is English although Spanish is widely spoken

Population: 33,573

Currency: £ Sterling (GIP) – equivalent to (GBP)

Climate: Around 300 days of sunshine a year, warm summers, mild winters

Location: South western tip of Europe by the Strait of Gibraltar at the entrance to the Mediterranean.  Access by land, sea and air

Status: Self governing British Overseas Territory

Area: 6.8 sq. km 

Tax System: No Inheritance Tax, no Capital Gains Tax, 10% Corporation Tax

Infrastructure: Excellent road links to Europe and ferry service to Africa (Tangier-Med Port) , British-European business hub with advanced fibre-optic communications, high resilience and very secure; First-class financial services

Society: Mixed cultures, pleasant, high quality of life with increasing luxury and affordable property developments, safe throughout

Economic State: Robust, vibrant economy, GDP £1.907 billion in 2016/7

Legal System: Modelled on the British Legal system with a well regulated jurisdiction

Main Economic Sectors: Financial Services, Maritime Services, Tourism and E-Gaming

Visitors: 6.8 million visitors (2016), holiday hotspot, beach weather, ample history; various tourist sites; large, protected nature reserve, military history including an extensive tunnel network, abundance of flora and fauna, duty free shopping, restaurants and bars

Shipping: Commercial Port, Ship and Yacht Registry. One of the top bunkering ports in the world.  Cruise Liner destination, quality Maritime Services, numerous Marinas

Time zone: GMT +1 winter, GMT+2 summer