COVID-19 Tests and Certificates for Travel

The public are reminded that passengers travelling to an airport in England can take a negative antigen test at the COVID Rapid Test facility at the Gibraltar International Airport, at a cost of £50 inclusive of the certificate. For further information visit:

Travellers who are travelling to other countries, which specifically require a PCR test, should contact the GHA’s Public Health Department by emailing with the following information:

•Full Names (as printed on Passport)
•Passport Number
•Date of Birth
•Scanned Copy of GHA Card
•Contact Telephone Number
•Evidence of the country of destination requiring a PCR test (e.g. electronic flight ticket)

Public Health will make arrangements to have a test conducted at the Drive Through Facility, based on the information provided and on verifying the requirement for a PCR certificate for onward travel.

The standard rate for a PCR test is £150. A further £30 will be chargeable for the production of the certificate. There will be a reduced test fee of £30 for GHA eligible individuals only for their first private travel test, in addition to the £30 fee for their travel certificate. Any further PCR tests required for private travel by the same person will be charged at the standard rate.

Certificates will be issued electronically. Payment details will be provided in the response email to the initial application.

Students are exempt for paying the fee for travel certificates. This applies for the students in receipt of a government scholarship. The fee is waived once.