Airport Fire and Rescue Service Attends Newcastle Airport HRET Course

Six crew members from the Airport Fire and Rescue Service (AFRS) attended an Instructors’ course on HRET (High Reach Extendable Turret) operations and tactical procedures at the Newcastle International Airport Fire Training Academy. This course goes hand in hand with the availability of this equipment on the newly acquired Rosenbauer Panther Airfield Firefighting Vehicles and how they will be deployed and operated when they come on-line in the very near future.

The new vehicles and firefighting tactics will catapult the AFRS into a totally new era of aircraft fire-fighting capability, fully in line with mainstream Airport Fire Services across the UK. All the candidates successfully completed the 3 day course which ran from the 26th to the 28th September 2018. The invaluable knowledge gained from this course will now be cascaded throughout the organisation to further develop the new working practices.

Left to right in the photo: LFF Jarvis Davis, LFF Stephen McLaren, Station Officer Ernest Romero, Station Officer Steven Morgan, LFF Tyronne Avellano, LFF Kevin Brennan